Renting an apartment in New York can be tricky and properties can move fast! Your Pink Space agent will help you find and rent the right place for you! Below are ways you can make sure you're ready to move.

Prepare the right documents
 This will often include:

A letter of employment, including salary verification (and a start date if not yet employed). If a bonus is expected, that should be noted as well.

Bank Account Statements 
(Checking and Savings)

Names, addresses, and phone numbers of previous landlords

Tax returns, Pay stubs or Payment Statements

Possible required funds to be aware of

  • All rentals will require one month rent and a security deposit.

  • Bring funds to cover broker's fees if your company is not covering them for you. The tenant is responsible for broker's fees in New York City.

  • Bring funds for a credit check (at Pink Space, this may often be paid by personal check)

  • Be prepared for possible move-in/move-out fees

When you have the right place for you, you will be asked to fill out a rental application and some miscellaneous documents. Your agent will negotiate the price and lease terms for you. If you accept, a credit report will be run and your references will be checked.

After approval from the Landlord, you are ready to move in!

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